Friday, 10 February 2012

Going round the Blend

So I robbed the title from the Article... but hey I liked the title.

Its from York Press – The Press in York
A brilliant article on the current standards of coffee (namely independent cafe’s) in the states, and how their focus is artisan roasted and boutique coffee. This is where Ireland is headed in coffee standards, and certainly some cafe’s are there already.

So yeah, i suppose we have people closer to Ireland (in the UK) doing similar stuff, but you cant beat an interesting article to encourage you to want more of the same in Ireland.

I've blogged about it before over at and for those of you who are new to this blog, you'll see its recurring theme.  I cant express how invigorated I am about the cafe industry in Ireland and the direction it is going in.

It’s all very exciting.
A focus on locally roasted beans, the artisanapproach, coffee as it never tasted before - instead of astringent bitter generic coffee flavour, cutting your throat, we have caramels, plums, ripe fruits, chocolate, mouthfeel, acidity and SO much more.  I implore you, to start investigating now... dive deeper into your coffee experience and see what you can uncover.

Read the article here

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