Friday, 10 February 2012

Beyond the Bag

I’m really excited about 2012. 
More and more people are getting into what i call serious coffee, and thanks to industry leaders such as Brock Lewin at Badger and Dodo or 'Dublin Barista' Colin Harmon , the general public finally have access to the real secrets and enjoyment of a coffee experience.

I really admire the work of artisan roasters such as Brock at Badger and Dodo, and the drive and passion of coffee experts  such as Karl Purdy, David Walsh, and Colin.  These people are shaping the cafe industry to a level of expertise and knowledge unseen in this country before.

If you are a cafe owner or looking to open a cafe, its not whats in the bag and the price of it that is your most important consideration.  Sure we all have to make a margin and we are all happy to do a deal, but its the stuff that doesn’t come in the bag that is far more important. 

Coffee expertise, knowledge of the beans, understanding the flavours and complexities of blends, training, commitment to standards and your coffee supplier working with you to achieve a level of excellence in coffee.  Your coffee supplier is also a resource and knowledge base that you need to use so you can give more to your customers.

As a cafe owner you need to get beyond the bag, talk to your supplier, talk to these experts, and get into the whole coffee experience. These guys, Colin, David, Karl, Brock are just a snapshot of the excellence available out there, and there are a host of new cafe/coffee shop entrants into the market and more coming….  follow their lead and you wont go far wrong.

The most important thing ? buy local, dont buy imported roasted beans, cos you're sending half the bag price out of the country.  Buy locally, fresh roasted beans and you'll be amazed at what the options are.. and you'll feel better about it too..

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