Sunday, 8 September 2013

MeTime Coffee Morning

Coffee Culture in Association with Mental Health Ireland are hosting a coffee morning campaign for October.
We are asking cafe's across the country to host a coffee morning and send the proceeds to Mental Health Ireland.
Coffee Culture will provide you with everything you need.

Dates October 6-13th 2013 
Duration 1 morning of the café’s choice during this week
Mechanic: To engage as many cafes as possible in Ireland to host a coffee morning in
aid of Mental Health Ireland.

50% Directly to Mental Health Ireland
50% to organisations who collaborate with MHI at local level

Proceeds from:
Sales of coffee
Café’s are asked to donate their coffee sales for the morning. Additional
sales of cakes/associated items are not expected; this is seen as the café’s
own revenue.

Why Café’s
More than ever, café’s are seen as the third space (1. Home, 2. Work, 3. The Cafe)
A café is the perfect environment to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, read the
paper, have some quiet time with friends or alone. It is informal. Can provide
privacy. It is the place where people can feel most comfortable outside home
or work. In comfortable surroundings people can feel more open and willing
to talk and discuss their troubles and concerns

For Coffee Culture, we wanted to use the resources we have - our friends and colleagues in the Industry and our own coffee partners - cafe's and restaurants whom we supply.  The idea is about collaboration and teamwork on a national level.

Why Coffee
Coffee in this sense is a euphemism. It could be tea or another beverage.
The sponsor for this event is Coffee Culture. Irelands’ leading artisan coffee

Brand Values - Coffee Culture
At coffee culture we want to surpass the norms of social responsibility and
affect change. While we actively comply with ethical standards, such as
ethically sourcing our coffee from The Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and
sourcing direct from farmers. We feel along with our wholebean coffee
customers who re-sell our coffee that we can make a bigger difference.
On a recent trip to Guatemala, I saw first hand how green bean purchases
directly benefit the farms and their communities by aiding build projects such
as schools, roads, infrastructures and homes.

We have other ethical approaches too such as buying compostable cups, always encouraging cafe and people to invest in training and education, actively promoting education exchange,
welfare of our employees, and structuring our workloads to create a worklife
balance.  We also believe in the 1% Difference.

The 1% difference
Visit :

Charity begins at home.
While we are very proud of our commitment to buying from developing
countries, we also believe that charity begins at home.
We will make a difference on a national scale
We will encourage a positive impact at a local and national level.
We will achieve this through our activities on the environment, consumers,
employees, communities and all other members of the general public who we
engage with.

Why choose Mental Health.
We wanted to select an organisation where we felt our customers could make
a real difference. Where we could create synergy between the needs of the
organisations clients and what our coffee customers/café owners can offer. It
is a mutually beneficial relationship.
The decision was easy. Café’s provide a social outlet for people at many
levels. We wanted to share the kindness and generosity that exists in cafes.
We want to share the traditional Irish welcome that is extended to every
customer over the counter in a café. The type of homely, warm, welcome that
is funneled from café owners to customers through their staff is unique.

Café Resources/Engagement process
Café’s can register their interest at
Each café will register online
Must be registered by Sunday 29th September

Café’s will be sent a promo box prior to the event with items such as the
2 A2 posters
2 A3 posters
20 Metes Bunting
20 MeTime green Balloons
Raffle Tickets
The Mental Health Quiz sheet (competition)
100 no. Custom designed ‘Half full’ take out coffee cups (12oz) [more can be purchased directly from Coffee Culture]
‘Me-Time’ chocolate sweets (individual servings)
Café Loyalty cards (12 ways to improve your mental health on one side)
Avonmore Sponsored Milk (will arrive on the day)
MeTime Barista Bib [Additional can be purchased from Coffee Culture]

Cafe Prizes
Each cafe will be entered into a draw to win vouchers to the value of over 1000 sponsored by Coffee Culture Training
1st Place €600 voucher for one days training at the academy
2nd Place €350 voucher for a half days training at the academy
3rd Place €155 voucher for one place on a days training course for one person
Contact persons
Project Co-ordinator & Sponsor
Alan Andrews
Coffee Culture
Mobile: 087 294 3839
Email :

Project Liason
Lorraine Dolan
TRYS Templemore
Mobile: 086 354 3445
email :

Project Liason
Treasa Hannify
Mental Health Ireland
Mobile: 086 0412789

Project helpline 01 901 2010
Project twitter #me-time

Register here

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