Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Because you're worth it

Bad Cappuccino Image
Getting a great coffee these days can still be hit and miss. I'm not here to name and shame. I'm just having a little rant.  These days I feel strongly about sending coffee's back if they are anything other than acceptable.  The problem is though what makes a great coffee ? 

And whats the point in sending it back.  Do the cafe staff and owners even know how to improve the product?  Could they care less ?  

Successful businesses care about the customer experience.  They keep themselves current.  The best cafe businesses keep the offering up to date and relevant, aligned with consumer trends.   If a cafe is not serving freshly roasted, ground to order coffee these days it is not current. It is irrelevant.  

Extracting the best espresso
And If you visit a cafe and they don't know how to pour a decent espresso, they may as well forget it. This, is the basis of all great coffee drinks.  We are more discerning now.  Most likely we won't tell the cafe if the coffee was less than average.  We just pay and laugh it off.  Is that an Irish thing ? Next time consider sending the coffee back and encourage the cafe to improve, to try harder, to make your experience better.  Because you're worth it.

Upskill your staff with barista training at Irelands first dedicated barista academy and learn how to deliver exceptional coffee.  For a great coffee experience visit our Coffee Culture clients who share this ethos and who have trained with us.

Bear Market Coffee in Blackrock, Dublin
Delish Cafe's, Limerick
Blessington Bookstore, Blessington, Wicklow
Box of Frogs, Bantry, Co. Cork  

Coffee Culture, creating Irelands coffee quality standards.

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  1. At times its just an embarrassment, from boiling USA's to bringing out mellow birds from behind the espresso machine ....They may only care when we don't return.