Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Coffee Snobbery

Do people really know what the difference is between a good coffee and a bad one. Is it the coffee or the experience? I’ve already wrote about the experience - so lets talk coffee. For me it has to be freshly roasted - and by that I mean roasted ideally by an Irish coffee roaster some time within the last four weeks. The shorter the better. 

As the lads in Two Spots Coffee say, remember when wine came from France and coffee came from Italy ? Well forget that. Ireland has some really fantastic artisan roasters. So this is the only place to start. Buying coffee from an Irish roaster keeps 75% of the money spent on the coffee beans in the country. Importing roasted coffee sends 75% of the money out of the country. Its a no brainer.

At Coffee Culture we roast every week, offering cafĂ© owners freshly roasted coffee, that can be ground to order and made on demand to give you the best possible opportunity to enjoy coffee at its best. After that, we rely on the skill of the barista to perfect the espresso.  We train all of our cafe staff, starting them all off at Level 1 Barista Skills.

Its really difficult to make great coffee.  It takes time, practise, patience and dedication.  Coffee taste varies, but in some ways its quite generic - people just want a fix.  But that is changing - customers are getting more discerning, recognising great tasting coffee and flavours.

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